At Complete EyeCare Optometry we have an amazing team of staff members.
Our staff’s job is to make your time in our office as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Our front desk staff will greet you with a warm smile, collect necessary information,
and do some automated tests before you see your doctor.

After the thorough eye examination, if eyeglasses or contact lenses are needed, your doctor will introduce you to
the person who can help you obtain the products that are best suited for your needs.

We adhere to the motto of “spending your eye care dollars wisely”, and that is what our dispensing staff helps you accomplish.

Many of our dispensing staff are licensed opticians and others are licensed optometric assistants.
All of them have a friendly manner and a depth of knowledge and experience that our patients have come to expect from our office.

Serving you the best way possible is our top priority, and our staff does a fabulous job in achieving this goal.

Complete Eye Care Group